Erasmus +

About the project


The project aims at looking for common values among European countries. The students taking part will be 12-15 years old. We want to try to find what moral values, rules are important for young people nowadays, which ones are shared by students from various European countries.


- creating a set of rules for good life for teenagers
- increasing competences of cooperation, communication

- increasing the competence of critical thinking

- increasing the competence of communicating in English

- increasing digital competences

- finding real models and authorities

- creating a bank of ideas how to spend free time in a creative way set on relations with others

- social inclusion    

Unsere erste Reise - Il nostro primo viaggio - Our first trip


Polen - Polonia - Poland

Unsere Partnerschulen

Our partnerschools



Reise nach Polen

Am 03.11.2019 traten drei Lehrpersonen unseres Schulsprengels, Herr Matteo Pozzi, Frau

Annemarie Maurer und Frau Simone Harrasser, eine Bildungsreise im Rahmen des Projektes Erasmus + an.

Wir fuhren nach Polen in die Stadt Radom, wo wir die Lehrpersonen der anderen ... 

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Viaggio in Polonia

Nella settimana dal 4 al 9 di novembre si é tenuto il primo incontro del progetto „Common Europe – Common Values“ nell’ambito dell’Erasmus + che vede coinvolta la nostra scuola insieme ad altri quattro paesi: Polonia, Macedonia, Spagna e Bulgaria. Un incontro molto ...

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Trip to Poland

During our first journey, we met some colleagues of the other countries involved in this project. Together we organised the targets and the procedure of the project ...


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