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About the project


The project aims at looking for common values among European countries. The students taking part will be 12-15 years old. We want to try to find what moral values, rules are important for young people nowadays, which ones are shared by students from various European countries.


- creating a set of rules for good life for teenagers
- increasing competences of cooperation, communication

- increasing the competence of critical thinking

- increasing the competence of communicating in English

- increasing digital competences

- finding real models and authorities

- creating a bank of ideas how to spend free time in a creative way set on relations with others

- social inclusion    

Unsere Partnerschulen

Our partnerschools


Unsere fünfte Reise - Il nostro quinto viaggio -  Our fifth trip


Polen - Polonia - Poland

Besuch in Polen 


Am 15. Mai 2022 um 00:45 Uhr begann unser Abenteuer. Ein privater Shuttle wartete auf uns am Bahnhof in Olang, er brachte ...


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Visita in Polonia  


Il 15 maggio 2022 alle ore 00:45 é cominciata la nostra avventura con destinazione Radom in Polonia. Uno shuttle privato ci ha aspettato ...


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Visit to Poland


On May 15th 22 three pupils, Aaron, Simon and Julian from class 2b and 3b and the two  language teachers Fortuna and Sonja ....


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Unsere vierte Reise - Il nostro quarto viaggio -  Our fourth trip


Spanien - Spagna - Spain

Reise nach Barcelona
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Viaggio a Barcelona
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Trip to Barcelona
MS_Trip to Barcelona_21-22_Engl.pdf
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  Unsere dritte Reise - Il nostro terzo viaggio -  Our thirth trip


Italien - Italia - Italy

Besuch in Italien


In einem schwierigen Moment der europäischen Geschichte, in dem Gewalt den Respekt zwischen den Völkern zu ersetzen versucht, sind Erasmus-Projekte das beste Beispiel dafür, ...


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MS_Erasmus Italia_Deu_21-22.pdf
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Visita in Italia


In un momento difficile della storia europea, nel quale la violenza della guerra cerca di sostituire il rispetto fra i popoli, i progetti Erasmus sono il migliore esempio di come la scuola possa 


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Visit to Italy


During a difficult time in European history, in which the violence of war tries to replace respect between peoples, Erasmus projects are the best example of how schools can ...


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MS_Erasmus Italia_engl_21-22.pdf
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Unsere zweite Reise - Il nostro secondo viaggio - Our second trip


Bulgarien - Bulgaria - Bulgaria

Reise nach Bulgarien

Wir sind Greta Renzler, Anna Piffrader, und Franziska Agstner. Wir kommen aus Olang in Südtirol (Norditalien). In diesem Schuljahr hatten wir die Möglichkeit am Erasmus+ Projekt, ....

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Viaggio in Bulgaria

Il 17 ottobre 2021 le alunne Anna Piffrader, Franziska Agstner e Greta Renzler si sono recate in Bulgaria con gli insegnanti Matteo Pozzi e Lauri Fortuna Manuela. Da Bolzano abbiamo preso un Flixbus per ...

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MS_Viaggio in Bulgaria_21-22.pdf
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Trip to Bulgaria

We started from Valdaora on October 17th. Then we drove to Bolzano. From there we took a bus to the airport of Bergamo. Then we spent our time waiting. Our plane arrived and we flew to Sofia airport.  There we were picked up ...


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MS_Trip to Bulgaria_21-22.pdf
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Unsere erste Reise - Il nostro primo viaggio - Our first trip


Polen - Polonia - Poland

Reise nach Polen

Am 03.11.2019 traten drei Lehrpersonen unseres Schulsprengels, Herr Matteo Pozzi, Frau

Annemarie Maurer und Frau Simone Harrasser, eine Bildungsreise im Rahmen des Projektes Erasmus + an.

Wir fuhren nach Polen in die Stadt Radom, wo wir die Lehrpersonen der anderen ... 


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Viaggio in Polonia

Nella settimana dal 4 al 9 di novembre si é tenuto il primo incontro del progetto „Common Europe – Common Values“ nell’ambito dell’Erasmus + che vede coinvolta la nostra scuola insieme ad altri quattro paesi: Polonia, Macedonia, Spagna e Bulgaria. Un incontro molto ...

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MS_Viaggio in Polonia_19-20.pdf
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Trip to Poland

During our first journey, we met some colleagues of the other countries involved in this project. Together we organised the targets and the procedure of the project ...


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MS_Trip to Poland_19-20.pdf
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